Dyed by hand - no chemicals or commercial dyes.
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Making a Mud Shirt

The Story of the PEI Red Mud Shirt

Gather the shovels and the buckets, Mud Girls, because we are off to the beach in search of the “special” mud so we can hand dye the PEI Red Mud shirts for our Island visitors.

We’re at the beach, but wait… there are no bathing suits here. Just rubber boots. 

We walk and dig and walk and dig all in search of the “special” mud. 

Then one of the Mud Girls calls out, “I’ve found it, come quick!” 

The buckets are filled and loaded on the truck.  Back to the factory we go.

The Mud Girls sift and mix the “secret” formula and finally it’s time to take that pure white T-shirt and throw it into the mud. 

The buzzer sounds and the time is up.  The Mud Girls pull the shirts out of the mud.

Time to deliver the shirts and set up those displays so that our Island visitors can take a little piece of the Island home with them. 

We hope that your T-shirt will bring you as much joy and fun as we had hand dying it for you.  Remember that each shirt is hand dyed therefore it is authentic and unique just as you are. 

And that is the story of the PEI Red Mud shirt.  All right Mud Girls back to the beach and, this time, you can trade in your rubber boots for your bathing suits.  It’s time to sit back and enjoy the pina coladas.