Dyed by hand - no chemicals or commercial dyes.

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The History of Prince Edward Island's Red Mud

Prince Edward Island is surrounded by miles of sandy beaches and red sandstone cliff's. The Island is Canada's smallest and friendliest province.

Prince Edward Island is known for its vivid colours.

The soil - a beautiful red
(due to the high iron-oxide which rusts when exposed to air)

The water surrounding the entire province - a calming blue

The grass - a deep rich green

In fact, Lucy Maud Montgomery's famous character "Anne" from the novel "Anne of Green Gables" described the colours of the Island best by comparing them to rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

The Micmac legend tells the story of the Great Spirit and what he decided to do with a large portion of dark red earth after he had completed his creation.

The Great Spirit said, "I will shape this red clay into a crescent form and it will be the most beautiful place on Mother Earth.
It will become the home of my Micmac people."

The Great Spirit named the Island "Minegoo".

Micmac Legends of PEl
by John Joe Sark

He dressed her dark skin with green grass and lush forests of many different kinds of trees, and sprinkled her with many brightly coloured flowers. The Wise One then decided it should be placed in the middle of the singing waters; now known as the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

From the legend of "Minegoo" to the hands of the people who actually dye the mud shirts.

That's right; our shirts are actually hand dyed in real Island red mud. We produce a natural dye from the mud that is rich in colour, deep in heritage, long lasting, and true to its roots. The wearer of this mud shirt shares in the spirit of the land and its people, both past and present.

Washing Instructions: Our shirts are hand dyed in actual red mud, using no chemicals or commercial dyes. We suggest that you wash your shirt in cold water using a non bleach detergent to prevent fading. Each shirt is hand dyed so you may find a slight streaking or spot where the iron oxide pigment in the red mud made your shirt a one-of-a-kind - just like you!